A brief introduction to the origin of curtains


Curtain (English: window curtains; drapes, French: Ride […]

Curtain (English: window curtains; drapes, French: Rideaux) chuāng lián:

Curtains are people’s mood and one of the indispensable choices for us to decorate our living space. It is the performance of the master’s taste and the spirit of the living space. In short, take some time to choose a curtain. Sometimes it’s a good personal life. the way.
Humans have had doors and windows since ancient times. As for the origin, it is as unverifiable as when humans put on clothes. We can only slowly get used to it to explain the result that there are doors and windows. The purpose is to facilitate access and ventilation. Breathable. With windows, some people hope that sometimes they don’t let people see the inside without affecting their seeing the outside world. So people think of something to cover the window, open it when it is opened, and close it when it is closed. Maybe this is the original curtain.
In the beginning, people did not have cloth or paper. They could only use leaves or straw fabrics as curtains. With the progress and development of mankind, people invented cloth. At this time, curtain cloth was still a luxury for the poor, and they could eat and wear. Warmth is a great enjoyment. Only royal family members, nobles, and wealthy and powerful people can enjoy silk fabrics as curtains. At this time, many bamboo, wood and straw woven curtains have appeared, but they have not become mainstream. not much. Later, after China’s great inventor Cai Lun invented and improved papermaking technology, people found that using paper as curtains was a great choice. It was both beautiful and practical, and it was also cheap. Most ordinary people used paper as curtains. This greatly promoted the development of curtains, so there was the art of paper-cutting in China, and the art of paper-cutting on curtains was also carried forward and passed down.

Today, curtains have coexisted with our space, with ever-changing styles and diversified styles, and their functions and uses have been refined to any place where they are used. European style, Korean style, Chinese style, sunshade curtains, soundproof curtains, ceiling curtains, venetian blinds, wooden curtains, bamboo curtains, metal curtains, organ curtains, electric curtains, manual curtains... There are so many to mention, there are everything, no wonder people put the window Keep your eyes in front of your eyes, keep the curtain in front of your eyelids, accompany you with love, always love!
Back to life, curtains are essential supplies for home and office. A warm and romantic living environment or work space is inseparable from the clever matching of curtains. To choose a suitable curtain to add color to the living space, many aspects need to be considered. The harmony between the curtain color and the main color of the space? How does the owner’s personality match the curtain style? Environmental protection issues for curtain materials?
Nowadays, the forms and styles of curtains have made a breakthrough in the layout. Most of the choices of curtains in homes are determined by the color of the furniture and walls.

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