Blinds seem to be your best choice for interior decoration


Venetian blinds are beautiful and easy to use, so many […]

Venetian blinds are beautiful and easy to use, so many people consider installing such windows when they go to interior decoration. The shutters are available in a variety of materials and are available in various regions. What material does the shutter have? Where are the blinds suitable?
What is the material of the blinds  
1. Solid wood blinds   
The appearance of solid wood blinds looks more beautiful and airy, and the key application is in some humanized home improvement spaces. Compared with ordinary blinds, solid wood blinds have more prominent advantages and have very good practical effects for thermal insulation. Because some stores will fake and inferior, we must carefully observe the difference when buying.
2. Aluminum shutters   
Aluminum blinds have key functions such as adjusting light, improving visual comfort, improving indoor air quality, commodity circulation, improving privacy, and saving energy consumption. The material it selects is also superior, with good ductility, strong strength and not easy to deform. The curtain plate is made of silicon oxide coating, which can reflect the ultraviolet light to create a light cleaning effect, so that it can have the actual effect of self-cleaning of stain resistance, antibacterial, deodorization and gas cleaning.
3. Aluminum alloy profile shutters   
The blinds made of aluminum alloy profiles give people the impression that they are easy to clean. If there are stains, they can be wiped with a towel. It is very simple and atmospheric, the price is not very expensive, and the price is relatively low, and the airtightness is relatively good. tight.
4. Bamboo blinds   
Bamboo and wood blinds are made of fine bamboo or wood materials. They are produced and processed exquisitely through steam drying, sterilization, splitting and screening, and dozens of high-quality technological processes. The bamboo and wood blinds have an antique color and are filled with a strong poetic fragrance. They are suitable for restaurants, plastic arts and other venues. The defects of bamboo blinds depend on impermeability, and bamboo blinds are prone to mold.
Where does the blinds fit  
1. Small study room   
Property prices are so expensive, and small study rooms are usually not easily large. We can use the layering of the shutters to expand the three-dimensional sense of the small study. If you cover the entire wall with blinds: no matter whether your window is large or small, cover the entire wall of the window with blinds, so that it looks like the wall is covered with a layer of woodworking slats, which can give your house More and more technological sense.
2. Bedroom   
The bedroom is a resting place, so you must ensure a comfortable temperature and light. The blinds have excellent light blocking and concealing properties, and the light can be adjusted at will. Therefore, shutters are particularly suitable for use in bedrooms. At present, the more fashionable shutters on the market are mostly dominated by a variety of raw materials such as bamboo strips, wood, FRP anticorrosive sheets, aluminum alloy profile sheets and linen sheets.
3. Restaurant kitchen  
Choose fabric curtains for the windows of the restaurant and kitchen, which are not easy to remove after being stained with oil. Therefore, blinds seem to be everyone’s preference. Restaurants and kitchens often accumulate water vapor. If water vapor stays on wooden blinds for a long time, not only will there be signs of mildew, but it will also continue to crack and deform after experiencing the sun. , And even rotten, so people generally use aluminum shutters to decorate.

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