What is the soft curtain?


Soft curtain started in South Korea, now very popular i […]

Soft curtain started in South Korea, now very popular in China, many people are needed, it can adjust the light, and does not occupy much space. There are many kinds, according to their own love to choose, stereo feeling very good, feels very warm, this is can pull up, then you can see the distant landscape, into the interior of the light will become soft. If you pull up, it is absolutely confidential quiet, a little noise are not, very simple and elegant.


The material is non-toxic and harmless, we do not worry about excessive, it can be used while the rest assured, the biggest role is to make strong the sun gets comfortable, fusion. This is very durable, no deformation or discoloration, this is the biggest difference between the shutter and ordinary. There the two layer of this kind of product, as long as the adjustment point of view, it can have a very good texture. This can prevent the ultraviolet very effective, can effectively protect the indoor things by ultraviolet light. Its surface is after high temperature treatment, not easy to accumulate dust. So cleaning up become very simple. It is not the fabric deformation. Some are in the groove, when folded after all, can protect the curtain is very effective. Very hungry. Warm and very suitable for Home Furnishing, in the hotel, villa inside you You can see things like this. In our life is very common, can be seen welcomed by many people. And it is also a lot of kinds of types, we certainly can find suitable. Can be assured.

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