The art of soft gauze curtain


The curtain is more and more in the modern Home Furnish […]

The curtain is more and more in the modern Home Furnishing, its practical function, beautiful appearance, has been a part of life, in our plant products, with soft gauze for the better, loved by the users.

The function of the curtain is mainly insulation, decoration, the use of light and protect the privacy of living, according to the different demand, can produce a variety of combinations.

functional analysis


1, sound insulation:
Maybe we all know, the treble sound travels in straight lines, and the reflectivity of the window glass for high frequency is very high, therefore, to increase the appropriate thickness of the curtain, can significantly improve the indoor sound produced by mixing effects, but also can absorb the noise from outside the block, so as to improve the indoor sound environment.
2, decoration:
The curtain wall decoration materials must be compared with the majority of families, an important part of the mural painting from the screen is not decoration, so the choice of the curtain can also add artistic charm, increase the flavor of life.
3, the use of light:
For a taste of life, light in the room directly affects the performance of life and emotion, different color collocation curtains can enrich the light in the room, so the ventilation, good lighting curtains is the best choice, for example, I plant the production of "soft curtain".
4, the protection of privacy:
In the modern era of life, the protection of personal privacy, but also must be considered for the role of the curtain is more obvious, the appropriate color collocation, proper thickness, can effectively protect the personal life, for life and art added charm.
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