How long is the service life of curtains and their accessories


Curtains are used as home furnishings and textiles, and […]

Curtains are used as home furnishings and textiles, and good curtains are naturally expensive. Then spend such a large sum of money to buy curtains, so how long is the service life?
Generally, the service life of curtains is about 5-10 years. It is normal if there is threading and fading during use. The life time of living room will be shorter when exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, so it is the same reason that living room curtains will be more expensive than bedroom curtains. 

Some people may ask whether the curtains will last longer if they are not cleaned. Yes, the curtains themselves are also textiles. Frequent scrubbing will shorten the service life of the curtains just like the fabric of the clothes. The fabrics will fade and shrink. Generally, the curtains should be scrubbed once a year. Normally, they should be patted or used. The vacuum cleaner just sucks lightly. In case of wire loss, just reduce it directly, don't pull it.
Conventional heavy curtains are normally used within 5-10 years. If the home needs to be decorated and changed in style, it can be replaced according to actual conditions.
The service life of accessories is not as long as that of curtains. Generally, the service life of curtain accessories is about 2-3 years. Especially for curtain rods, there will be noise, beads, and rust when pulled for a long time, so you don’t think it is quality. The problem is actually normal wear and tear. It’s fine to contact the relevant professionals directly. If you choose the durability bar, you can add it when you buy curtains.

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