How to buy electric curtains for smart home?


As the concept of smart home gradually gains popularity […]

As the concept of smart home gradually gains popularity, more and more home appliances join the smart field. In the decoration industry, "smart" also appears in home decoration. For example, electric curtains have changed the habit of pulling curtains in the past. It can be used for manipulation to realize the pulling and closing of curtain. The following is an introduction to the purchase skills of electric curtains for smart homes?

1. Choose a motor

If you want to choose a good electric curtain, you must first choose the right motor based on the purpose. So, how to choose the right motor? Electric curtain motors are mainly DC motors and AC motors.

DC motors are safe, reliable, high electrical efficiency, no heat generation, no thermal protection (AC motors have), low noise, low emissions, and are low-carbon products. Therefore, one is in the case of high safety level requirements, and the other is the use of DC motors in occasions that require long-term operation. Generally, high-end curtain motors are mainly DC motors.

AC motors are mainly: low cost, easy to produce, and high power, especially tubular motors are mostly AC motors. Tubular motors are available on the market: 6N, 10N, 15N, 30N, 50N torque and other models. General lifting roller blinds only need to use motors within 30N. The most commonly used electric curtain motor products in the market are AC motors. General lifting curtains only need to use torque motors within 30N.

2. Look at the production process

The production process of the product directly affects the practicability and aesthetics of the product, and it must not be underestimated. The production process of the product can be observed from many details: the surface treatment process of the track, the cutting process of the fabric, the flexibility of the mounting seat, etc.

3. Choose a brand

Choose products with brand awareness, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed. Buying electric curtains is just like buying other home appliances. The quality, reliability and after-sales service of big brands are better. Electric opening and closing curtain system, with scientific design, advanced technology and sophisticated accessories, has become an ideal choice for five-star hotels, high-end clubs, villas and homes with excellent quality and service.

4. Look at accessories

China electric curtain accessories need to cooperate well with the motor and the mechanism, and the accuracy requirements are high, and good quality accessories should be selected. In this way, the situation of high left and low right or high right and low left will not occur, which will affect the appearance.

5. Look at the enterprise qualification

Excellent companies in the industry are generally members of the industry associations. They have participated in the formulation of product quality standards for the industry. They are high-tech enterprises and have passed ISO related quality system certification. They have large registered capital, long operating history, and after-sales guarantee.

6. Understand product safety protection

Product safety is an invisible but important factor for consumers. The electronic and electrical components of Chuangming electric curtains have passed the national 3C certification, and the working voltage of the products is lower than DC 2V to ensure that consumers use the products under safe voltage. ; The motor is designed with overheating protection. When the temperature of the motor reaches the safe set value, the motor stops running, effectively preventing accidents.

7. Look at the product label

Standardize the company’s product labeling and manuals to strictly implement national or industry standards, and clearly label product performance parameters.

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