How to choose a suitable shade cloth for curtains


Curtains are very important decorations in the home. Th […]

Curtains are very important decorations in the home. They have many materials and diversified decorative effects. So how to choose a suitable shade cloth for curtains? At present, there are shading cloths for curtains, which have a soft hand feeling, and curtains made of them have the functions of insulating the cold in winter and insulating in summer, and have good privacy and sound insulation effects. Widely used in: home, hotel, screening room, etc.

According to different production processes and materials, shading cloth can be divided into the following six types:
1. Coated shading cloth: Dyeing and coating ordinary fabrics to achieve shading effect. The coatings generally include silver coating, flocking, etc. This kind of fabric has two or more layers;
2. Weaving shading cloth: a fabric that directly achieves shading function by weaving method. Its method is through weaving design. When weaving, a layer of black silk is woven in the middle of the cloth to achieve shading effect. Through post-processing and finishing, it can be subdivided For the following:
3. Flame-retardant shading cloth: The shading cloth with flame-retardant function is divided into fiber flame-retardant shading cloth and post-finishing flame-retardant shading cloth.
4. Embossed shading cloth: The shading cloth that has been dyed or dyed with flame retardant finish is pressed by special equipment to show various pattern effects, and then it is made into embossed shading cloth.
5. Printed shading cloth: After dyeing or dyeing fire-retardant finishing shading cloth, the dye is fixed on the cloth surface by transfer printing or pigment printing, etc., to make a printed shading cloth;
6. Jacquard shading cloth: through organization design, weave various patterns to present various pattern effects and shading fabrics;
If you have special shading requirements, you can also choose shading coated flocked curtain fabrics, common ones are polyester, chameleon, polyester jacquard, suede, etc. The base fabric is coated with three layers, the surface is white, the middle is black, and the shading effect Good, it has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, soft hand, sound insulation, heat insulation, and UV protection. Semi-shielding coated curtain fabric, two layers on the bottom fabric, play a semi-shielding effect, light-shielding coating flame retardant curtain fabric, in the whole On the basis of shading coated flocking cloth, environmentally friendly flame retardants are added to the base fabric and coating materials, so in addition to all the advantages of the full shading curtain cloth, it also has a flame retardant effect.

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