How to choose curtains that reflect your own personality from the dazzling styles


A well-decorated home cannot lack carefully selected cu […]

A well-decorated home cannot lack carefully selected curtains. Curtains of different colors and textures can produce various effects in the room. At present, the curtains on the home market are of various styles and quality. How to select curtains that suit their home style and reflect their own personality from the dazzling styles has become a headache for many consumers.
Material application. There are many different materials for electric curtain on the market, such as cotton, glass yarn, lace and bamboo fiber. The choice of different materials is mainly based on the specific purpose and overall decoration style. If it is to prevent sunlight, you should choose man-made fibers or blended fibers. They are harder, easy to wash and durable, and have strong shading; if you want to create an elegant and refreshing feeling, you can choose soft materials such as glass yarn and lace , But these materials have poor shading properties; if used in the bedroom, you need to combine the two to reflect the overall style of the bedroom and protect the privacy of the bedroom; if the overall style of home decoration is relatively simple, you can use Some cotton curtains.

Color matching. The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the color of the entire room. Under normal circumstances, the color of curtains should be darker than the wall, such as light blue walls, curtains can be brown, or blue flowers on a white background as curtains, light yellow transparent gauze as curtains. Generally, white and beige curtains are more coordinated with any wall, and can be used universally. The color matching should also consider the size and purpose of the room. Light-colored curtains should be used in a compact room, which is conducive to expanding the sense of space; dark curtains can be selected in a spacious room, which helps to reduce loneliness and empty feeling. The curtains in the bedroom can use some simple and quiet colors; the curtains in the living room are generally dark-colored, which is both solemn and elegant and easy to create a warm, soft and friendly atmosphere; brightly colored curtains can be used in the newly married family room to add a festive atmosphere. ; People who are prone to insomnia can choose red and black curtains to rest and fall asleep; people who have a bad heart and are prone to excitement should use light blue, green and other calming curtains. The choice of curtain color also needs to pay attention to the changes of the seasons. Generally speaking, cool colors are better in summer to make people feel clean and cool; in winter, warm colors are used to look warmer and more intimate.
Curtain measurement. When people buy zebra blind curtains, they only refer to the length and width of the window itself. In fact, this method is not accurate. A reasonable measurement method should be: measure the width and height of windows in the home. If there is a curtain box above the window, the width and height of the measurement must be measured from the inside of the curtain box; if there is a window frame around the window, the window size must be measured from the window frame Measured from the outer edge. A basic principle is to measure from the curtain rod and include the length of the hook, not from the upper edge of the window. The length of the curtains should be longer than the window sills, and the specific length should refer to the overall style of the room. Generally speaking, curtains that grow to the ground can make the space look more formal, and can also highlight the presence of a small window in the space.

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