How to choose matching curtain fabric


There is a job in home improvement that is absolutely n […]

There is a job in home improvement that is absolutely necessary, that is, buying curtain fabrics. A senior designer believes that soft decoration such as curtain fabrics is needed to truly reflect the characteristics and highlight the artistic taste. Especially curtains, fabric sofas, and beddings are more decorative than practical. Therefore, when choosing fabrics, fashion and beauty should be the first choice. Supporting custom-made most insurance.
When the room is decorated, custom-made curtains and other fabrics become another important task. As a general consumer, you are buying on your own at this time. The designer believes that it is the safest to customize matching. For example, after the curtains are selected in the living room, you can choose the same color fabric to make a sofa or cushion, or you can remake the old sofa, so that the coordination of the living room is improved. Better to grasp. Similarly, this method is also very suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms. The bedding, curtains, and cushions are all unified in a color system or pattern, which is stable while seeking change, harmonious and vivid.
Choose style according to window type
In a room, the size and shape of the windows are different, and different styles should be selected, which can sometimes play a role in making up for some window defects.
At present, the most popular styles on the market include Roman blinds, suspender curtains, portable curtains, lifting curtains, etc., as well as metal shutters, wooden and bamboo shutters suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as black, white, and daylight curtains suitable for bedrooms. Woven venetian blinds are extremely convenient.
Generally speaking, viewing windows equipped with large areas of glass can use window rails equipped with drawstring machinery. The floor-to-ceiling curtains have a good effect, or they can be spliced ​​by several sets of Roman curtains for a stronger decorative effect. For bay windows, large windows should choose curtains composed of several separate curtains, each curtain can be tied separately, and a continuous soft curtain track is used to connect the curtains as a whole. For smaller windows, Roman curtains or lifting curtains are better. Blinds are more suitable for kitchens and bathrooms due to humidity and oily smoke. In addition, wooden or bamboo blinds are more suitable for leisure and tea rooms, and curtains with light-fast and non-fading materials should be used for the balcony.
Natural color cotton texture is popular
The price of fabric curtains is determined by the texture of the fabric. The prices of cotton, linen, silk, and wool are higher, but they are also the most popular among consumers. At present, price is not the main factor that affects consumption. On the contrary, the novelty of design has become the primary factor to attract consumers. And some new designs with cluster flowers and floral patterns are the most popular. However, the fabrics of these textures have a certain shrinkage rate. When buying, "hands looser" and hit the shrinkage size. At present, there is no standard for shrinkage rate in the country. The standard implemented in Europe is 3% to 5%. It is best to ask when buying. clear.
Curtains made of man-made fibers and synthetic fibers are superior to cotton and linen fabrics in terms of resistance to shrinkage, fading, and wrinkle resistance, and are suitable for rooms with strong sunlight. However, many modern fabrics are blended with natural fibers and man-made fibers or synthetic fibers, thus having the advantages of both.
As the styles of modern curtains are becoming more and more concise, and the hanging is convenient and simple, many families make several sets at the same time and hang them in different seasons. At present, in the field of fabric consumption, brands are becoming more and more important. These brand fabrics have also become pioneers in styles and colors. They are in line with international standards, introducing some world-class fabrics into China, implementing door-to-door measurement, design, and standard services.

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