How to choose the suitable material and color of curtain cloth


1: From the decoration style of the new home, the decor […]

1: From the decoration style of the new home, the decoration style determines the color, fabric feel and overall style of the electric curtain accessories you need to buy. For example, in the decoration of simple style, when choosing curtain cloth, pay attention to the color that is preferred, but not too exciting (such as orange, red, etc.). Through the coordination of curtains and related soft decorations, the simple style of lines and colors are changed. Mixed-water European-style decoration, you can choose the fabrics with straight strips, random flowers, etc., and the color can be according to the needs of different rooms, such as gold, royal blue, and purple sauce.
2: From the aspect of fabric composition, the current curtain market is mainly composed of chemical fiber, silk cotton, cotton linen, chenille, and silk, blending and other ingredients. Chemical fiber fabrics have the best drape, are affordable and suitable for machine washing.
Chenille's fabric feels good in hand and drape. However, summer is generally not favored when choosing. Mainly feels hot. Not machine washable. Curtain cloth made of cotton, linen and silk is green and environmentally friendly, and the price is high. It is appropriate to consider using key areas in the home, such as the living room and the master bedroom. Not machine washable. Silk and cotton blended fabrics are popular in the current market due to the thickness of their fabrics and the processing techniques. They are characterized by rich colors and diverse patterns. Easy to wash (in general, you can wash with water, machine wash depends on the specific fabric) The above are all curtain fabrics.
Let’s talk about yarn. Under normal circumstances, people always ask "Why is so thin, light yarn so much more expensive than thick, hanging cloth?". First, different things are not comparable. For the same yarn, the price of printing and embroidery may differ by tens or even hundreds. The main reason is the difference in the embryo yarn. The general printed yarn has a hard feel. The raw material of the embryo yarn is domestically produced. Most of the embryo yarn of the embroidery yarn is imported. It needs to be embroidered on the rack repeatedly. If the quality is not good enough, let us buy it. Can't even put down the rack. The simple way is to compare two yarns of the same material when buying, feel soft or hard with your hands, and see if the density is high. If allowed by the store, use your fingernails to check whether each yarn is deformed.
3: Considering the practicality, the living room should choose curtain cloth of moderate thickness, unless your living room is a home theater. Generally, thick cloth and shading cloth are not required. The restaurant should choose fabrics that match the dining feeling, and the color can refer to the color of the kitchen cabinet panel. If there is a north balcony, then the restaurant needs one floor. The bedroom should be made of double-layer fabrics for sound insulation and good shading. If you like to sleep late, then it is recommended that you choose shade cloth (the shade cloth generally has two kinds, one is silver coating, the other is white pure cotton thickened. The effect of the two is the same, but they are older. Afterwards, the coated ones will fall off. Pure cotton will not have the function of sound insulation) Roman blinds or wooden shutters should be used in the study, the characteristics of both are to maximize the space. Make the rooms generally facing north feel transparent.

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