How to clean curtains of different materials


Curtains are very important decorative items in the hom […]

Curtains are very important decorative items in the home. They have many materials and diversified decorative effects, so they are very popular. In daily use, curtains will stain a lot of stains after they are used for a long time, and they need regular cleaning to ensure our health. How to clean curtains of different materials?
1. Venetian blinds
Cleaning method: water + bristle brush
For the daily cleaning of these flakes, you can spray the surface with water or polishing agent, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. If the curtains are dirty, they can be washed with a cloth dipped in warm water, or wiped with a little ammonia solution
Venetian blinds: It is formed by connecting and folding many thin sheets, which has the functions of ventilation, shading and sound insulation. The blades of Venetian blinds are mainly divided into bamboo, wood, fiberglass, aluminum alloy, plasticized, and linen.
2. Velvet curtains
Cleaning method: neutral cleaning liquid + flat air drying
Velvet curtains are easily deformed. When cleaning the curtains, first soak them in a neutral detergent (dishwasher, hand soap, various detergents for washing babies, etc.), press lightly with your hands, and place the curtains after washing. Dry on the shelf and never use a hanger to dry.
Velvet curtains: as the name suggests, they are made of velvet, with a delicate hand and rich texture, heavy fabrics (800-1000 grams per meter), good shading effect and good attracting effect.

3. Electrostatic flocking cloth curtains
Cleaning method: alcohol + cotton gauze
Electrostatic flocking curtains are not easy to get dirty and do not need to be cleaned frequently. Do not soak in water, rub, scrub, twist, or twist to avoid hair loss. For daily cleaning, use cotton gauze dipped in a little alcohol and wipe gently. When wet, use your hands to remove the moisture, or let it dry naturally.
Electrostatic flocking cloth curtain: Flocking cloth uses the characteristics of the same sex to repel the opposite sex to attract negatively to the fluff, and put the object that needs flocking at zero potential, and the fluff is attracted by the plant body at the different potential and is vertical. The shape accelerates to the surface of the object that needs flocking, and then through the adhesive, the fluff is vertically glued to the cover plant.

4. Cotton and polyester fabric curtains
Cleaning method: clean water
Cotton and polyester are the most common fabrics on the market. These curtains are durable and can usually be scrubbed with a damp cloth. If you need to wash them, you can put them in the washing machine and clean them with water and detergent.
Cotton and polyester fabric curtains: Ordinary fabrics generally refer to natural fibers represented by cotton and chemical fibers represented by polyester. The price is relatively reasonable and it is not easy to deform after washing.
5. Canvas and hemp curtains
Cleaning method: warm water soap solution + sponge
Canvas and hemp curtains are more difficult to dry, so be careful not to put them in clean water when cleaning. You can wipe the canvas and hemp curtains with a sponge dipped in some warm soapy water: as the name implies, canvas and hemp are used as raw materials. Canvas curtains are thicker and have good shading effect; while hemp curtains are loved by many consumers because of their natural materials.

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