How to correctly choose the soul of curtains——fabric


As an important part of modern home decoration, it is p […]

As an important part of modern home decoration, it is playing an increasingly important role. As a consumer, how to choose a curtain that suits you needs to understand the basic knowledge of fabric selection.
Choosing fabric curtains must first establish a unified big effect according to the decoration color and style of the room. Then according to the specific use of the house to determine the best combination of curtain fabric. Secondly, in the choice of curtain fabric, we must first understand the basic texture of some fabrics and the source of goods, and order the curtain fabric products that are satisfactory to ourselves according to our actual situation.
The texture of cloth includes natural fiber, man-made fiber, and synthetic fiber. Natural fibers refer to fabrics made of cotton, wool, hemp, and silk. Man-made fibers are the reconstruction and chemical treatment of natural fibers, such as nylon. Synthetic fibers are fibers that have been chemically treated.
Finally, you should also master the use and matching skills of curtains. According to the different functions of the room, choose curtains with different colors and patterns:
The bedroom is a typical private space, with warmth and romance synonymous with it. Therefore, you can choose thick and light-shielding fabrics as the main material, most of which are double layers of yarn and curtains. It is best to consider it together with the bedding decorations, which will have unexpected effects.
The living room is a place for receiving guests and family gatherings. Therefore, it is better to choose light-colored as the main color, thin fabric with strong light transmittance, which will create a solemn, simple, generous and bright visual effect.
The color of the study room is preferably light green, light blue and other distant colors. The pattern should be simple, elegant and fresh.
Children’s rooms are suitable for choosing bright, contrasting colors to produce lively, jumping and vivid effects; for the elderly’s rooms, dark colors should be used with simple and elegant patterns to give people a deep and steady feeling.
Due to its special functions, kitchens generally choose fabrics that are resistant to oil stains, moisture, and easy to clean, especially those fabrics that have been treated with special processes such as stain resistance and flame retardant, which are deeply favored by consumers. Regardless of just a small kitchen, in addition to the necessary cabinets, sometimes a small round table and small dining chairs are placed in the kitchen to create a simple dining area. And if you can coordinate the color of the curtains in the kitchen with the tablecloths, there will be an unexpected colorful effect. The blue and yellow striped cloth gives a simple and lively impression, whether it is used as a curtain or as a table cloth, it is very suitable, and the high window on the other side uses blue and yellow curtains with floral patterns, which are different in unity. Change of suit.

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