How to hang curtains and curtain hooks


How to hang curtains, many friends will consider this i […]

How to hang curtains, many friends will consider this issue when installing curtains, because the decoration of the curtains directly affects the decorative effect of the entire space. It is very important to increase the design and sense of quality of the soft decoration.
How to hang curtains better
1. Roman curtain hanging method
It can be decided according to the change of the season. Choose to lay down or pull up according to the season. The natural half-fold also looks very layered. There are different forms such as sling type four-stage shirring type and crystal bottom type. The hanging method can reflect the lively and vivid effect.
2. Curtain curtain suspension method
It is mainly decorated with pendant lace. The design of the curtain head reflects the changes, including fan-shaped, W-shaped, three-sided folding fan-shaped, etc. The curtain hanging method The curtain head and the fold design of different curtain hanging methods are also very visual. Different. The hanging method of curtains The hanging method of curtain curtains is very suitable for gorgeous home style.
3. Hanging method of pleated curtains
In this case, the pleated hanging method is usually divided into single layer and double layer. The curtain hanging method-pleated hanging method can also use a double layer structure. The curtains are like layers of pleats. The curtain hanging method-pleated hanging method looks more complicated at first, but the single layer can give people a more mysterious and fuzzy feeling.
4. Hanging method of decorative curtain head curtain
This method is very economical and practical. The curtain hanging method decorating curtain head curtain hanging method does not require pulleys, and the curtain can be directly inserted into the box and hung on the wall. This is more suitable for small windows and curtains. Hanging method decorative curtain head curtain hanging method can be half-cut to increase the visual effect of the window.
5. Straight curtain hanging method
This is the simplest one. This hanging method uses Roman rods. The price is a bit more expensive compared to the track. However, if you order Roman rods, it saves the cost of custom curtain heads. Relatively speaking , It's still cheap. Then it only requires very simple actions such as perforating and looping. Although the method of hanging the curtain-the straight type is relatively simple, it looks very beautiful.

How to hang curtain hooks
1. Curtain loop type
This kind of curtain hanging method is very popular in recent years, and it can match almost any style.
2. Set rod curtain
This kind of hanging method is more common, because it is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it is free and is loved by many consumers.
3. Knotted curtains
This is a more romantic way of hanging curtains. It uses knotting instead of various curtain hooks, which is both practical and aesthetic.
4. The curtain is hidden buckle
This kind of hanging method looks neat and safe, and it looks like the curtain cloth is suspended on a curtain rod.
5. Curtain hanging button type
This kind of hanging method looks very neat, and there is no excess hardware exposed, which is very suitable for heavy velvet curtains.

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