How to install balcony curtain track


The balcony is a very important part for urban people n […]

The balcony is a very important part for urban people nowadays. It can be used for leisure and reading, etc. Of course, the shading on the balcony is also very particular. Installing curtains on the balcony can not only block the light, but also ensure the privacy of the owner. So, how to install the balcony curtain track? Guangzhou Yuexiu Window Decoration Development Co., Ltd. will tell you!
Balcony curtain track positioning:
The accuracy of the line drawing is related to the success or failure of the curtain installation. First, measure the fixed hole distance and the size of the required installation track. Generally curved windows and balconies are installed with curved rails, and curved rails can determine the size of the curved rails according to the weight of the curtains and the number of layers of the curtains. When measuring, you only need to measure the actual shape with a soft tape along the arc of the window or balcony. The actual length of the track is determined according to the actual installation needs of the curtain.
Install balcony curtain rail size:
1. The curtain track is divided into single and double track. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to disconnect the track. If it must be disconnected under special circumstances, the disconnection should be staggered and the bend should be smooth. The length of the disconnection should be 5-10 cm. Bright curtain boxes are generally installed with rails first. Heavy curtain rails should be fixed with expansion screws; dark curtains should be installed behind the rails. The small corners of the heavy curtain track should be densely spaced, and the wood screw specification should not be less than 30mm.
2. Installation code. The installation code is divided into wall-mounted and top-mounted. The top-mounted type directly installs the installation code on the top plate with self-tapping screws. If it is a concrete structure, expansion screws are required. When installing the track on the installation code, pay attention to the alignment of the track with the centerline during installation. The wall brick style just installs the installation code on the wall. Others are consistent with the top loading method.
3. After the curtain track is installed, move the pulley on the lower track. If it is not smooth, you need to adjust the plane of the track so that both ends are on the same level.

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