How to install bedroom curtains with bay windows


The bedrooms in many houses now have bay windows. Bay w […]

The bedrooms in many houses now have bay windows. Bay window, which not only increases the sense of space in the room, but also is very beautiful and immortal, which can satisfy our yearning for a better life. On a cold winter day, lying on the bay window, listening to beautiful music, basking in the warm sun, plus a cup of tea, a book, not to mention how comfortable it is! If you have a window, you need to hang curtains, so bring a bay window. How should the curtains be installed in your bedroom?

1. The curtains are all installed in the bedroom
Generally, for curtains with this installation method, the length of the curtains is mostly close to the ground. From an aesthetic point of view, this installation method will be more atmospheric. It is worth noting that the installation of curtains in the bedroom means that the bay window sill is often exposed to the sun, so indirectly the service life of the bay window sill will be reduced. Also, when the curtains are pulled, a bay window seems to be blocked outside. Not only does the room feel a little smaller, but the area of ​​the bay window feels a bit wasted.
2. The curtains are all installed in the bay window
For houses with a large bay window, you can choose this way. The curtains are installed in the bay window and do not occupy the area of ​​the bedroom, so the entire bedroom can look more spacious and atmospheric.
3. The black-out curtain is in the bay window, and the light-transmitting curtain is in the bedroom
The advantage of this method is that things on the bay window are not worried about being damaged by the sun. When the sun is strong, the shading cloth can be pulled to solve the problem. The gauze curtain plays a major decorative role in the bedroom, increasing the soft beauty and warmth of the room.
4. The blackout curtain is in the bedroom, and the light curtain is in the bay window
This method combines the advantages of the previous two installation methods. The effect is beautiful and atmospheric, and the space is open and bright. When people sit on the bay window, read books, chat and other activities, they can ensure their privacy by pulling on the light curtains. Invisible.

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