How to install the non-punch curtain rod


The most typical non-perforated curtain rod is the retr […]

The most typical non-perforated curtain rod is the retractable curtain rod. Because the telescopic curtain rod does not need to be drilled and installed, it can be removed and installed many times without damaging the wall. Its installation principle is that there is a whole thick spring in the telescopic curtain rod, and the installation on the wall is fixed by the pressure of the wall on the spring and the supporting force of the spring itself. The installation method is easier and freer than other window curtain rods, and is simple and quick. However, you need to pay attention to the grasp of some skills when installing, so that the installation of telescopic curtain rods will achieve a multiplier effect.
(1) Find out the structure of the curtain rod
The structure of the telescopic curtain rod mainly includes four parts: outer sleeve, inner sleeve, spring support and bracket support. Be sure to know these structures before installation, so that there will be no errors and deficiencies during installation.

(2) Check the curtain rod before installation
Before preparing to install, carefully check whether the telescopic curtain rod is intact and whether it is damaged or scratched. After the inspection, determine the installation position of the curtain rod on the window wall, and pay attention to the size and height of the curtain rod.
(3) Pay attention to the inner casing when installing
The installation method of the telescopic curtain rod is very similar to the installation method of the blinds. When installing, it should be noted that the inner sleeve of the telescopic curtain rod must be sleeved in the outer tube. The installation is more convenient and easy.
(4) Freely adjust the length of the curtain rod
According to the predetermined length of the curtain, the length of the telescopic curtain rod can be adjusted freely. Adjusting the length is to adjust the vertical and horizontal positions of the telescopic rod through the mounting bracket. Generally, it is enough to adjust the length of the curtain to cover the entire window.

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