How to use curtains to make up for the lack of room


Curtains are a beautiful landscape in the home. In the […]

Curtains are a beautiful landscape in the home. In the later decoration of the house decoration, if they can be designed and matched reasonably, the curtains can also change the visual effect of the entire room. There are different matching methods for different house-type defects, let's see how the designers make up for it.

1. Light and cool fabrics make small rooms look spacious
The room is small, you can choose light and cool curtains to decorate. Because of the light color, the cool color can create a spaciousness. Elegant visual effects or with simple, small patterns, the effect is also good.
2. Curtains with horizontal stripes make the long and narrow room shorter
For rooms that are too narrow and long, you can choose curtains with horizontal and straight patterns to make the room fat. In addition, cloth with eye-catching patterns can be installed at both ends of a long and narrow room, one end is a curtain with practical functions, and the other end is a decorative curtain, so that the front and back echoes can also produce the effect of shortening the distance.
3. Light-colored and shiny fabrics can brighten the room
The most unsatisfactory thing about the low-level houses and the rooms with poor orientation is the light problem. Although the "hardware" is insufficient, the "software" can be used to package such a room. When installing curtains, light colors should be used, the patterns should be small, and the fabrics made of shiny reflective materials should be used to decorate the walls. For example, for curtains made of cotton and silk fabrics, thin fabrics such as "gauze curtains" can also be used, or slatted blinds can be appropriately selected according to your own decoration style.

4. The vertical bar pattern can increase the room height
When the floor height is not enough, the room area is too large or the ceiling is made during decoration, it will give people a sense of oppression. The easiest way is to choose curtains with strong vertical stripes and try not to make curtain heads. Using plain curtains can also look simple and lively, which can reduce the sense of depression.
5. Preference decides choice
The semi-shading short velvet window is full of modern atmosphere, simple but noble. If you are a white-collar worker, then this curtain can't be more suitable. On a leisurely weekend, sitting in front of the curtains and drinking a cup of coffee will make you open-minded.

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