Introduction to the basic knowledge of blinds


In daily life, the use of venetian blinds renderings is […]

In daily life, the use of venetian blinds renderings is very common. Because of its uniqueness, there will be many advantages that other curtain fabrics cannot be compared, such as natural ventilation, shading, and sound insulation. There are basic elements of general curtain fabrics, and they also have functions that ordinary curtain fabrics do not have. Therefore, it is a popular choice in many homes. Today, everyone will talk about the basic knowledge of blinds.
1. What is blinds
Under normal circumstances, blinds are divided into themed movable type and mobile type. It is composed of many pieces and stretched together, so it has the characteristics of shading, natural ventilation, sound insulation and noise reduction. In summer, it can reduce temperature and shading, and because of its natural design style, it can also be used as home decoration. Nowadays, the more fashionable ingredients of blinds are wood, laminated glass, aluminum alloy profiles, and the more fashionable plastic and linen blinds.
2. How to buy blinds
When buying the renderings of the blinds, the first thing to pay attention to is the specifications and models of the blinds. For example, if you install the curtains in a dark way, if you put it in the dark, you should bury the blinds in the window. In this case, its length should be the same as the window’s aspect ratio as much as possible, and the total width must be paid attention to. It is not possible to choose the same width as the window, but it is generally less than one centimeter on the upper and lower sides of the window. Conversely, concealed venetian blinds are the venetian blinds that are inlaid on the outside of the window. At this time, the length should be about 10 cm longer than the height-to-width ratio of the window, and the total width should be about 5 cm wider than the sides. Generally speaking, concealed venetian blinds are suitable for small houses, while concealed venetian blinds can be selected for large-scale houses. The second thing to mention is that when buying blinds, the color should be as consistent as possible with the room layout and the color of the furniture and walls. For example, if the wall is milky white or light yellow, you can choose ivory white blinds. If the wall is light green, you can choose dark gray blinds, that is, cool and warm colors must be in harmony with each other. Make the house look elegant and nice.
3. How to clean blinds
When cleaning, keep the windows closed. Sprinkle some cold water into it. Wipe it with a towel to keep it smooth, which is like a roller blind to pull it out into a plan view. Then wipe it with a cloth. If the roller is hollow, you can use a thin wooden stick, and then stuff the plush stick into it and stir. When buying and cleaning up the renderings of blinds, expect everyone to follow the regulations step by step, and there will always be good blinds afterwards, which can not only create a quiet and leisurely natural environment for home furniture, but also become a beautiful one.

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