Introduction to the types of curtains and their differences


In recent years, people have begun to pursue a natural […]

In recent years, people have begun to pursue a natural and simple feeling in home furnishings, so some curtains of other materials such as reed curtains and wooden curtains have appeared. In terms of types, the current more fashionable curtains mainly include the following types:
Roller blind:
At present, the most popular roller shutter material is made of imported fabrics from Korea. The roller shutters of Korean fabrics are simple, generous, with more designs and colors, and are easy to use. In addition, they can also be shaded, breathable, fireproof, and can be taken off and cleaned after a period of use. More convenient.
The biggest feature of the roller shutter is its simplicity. There is no fancy decoration around it. There is a roller box on the window, which can be pulled down when using it. It is more suitable for installation in a study room, a room with a computer, and a room with a small indoor area. Those who like quiet and conciseness should use roller blinds. For western-style rooms, roller blinds have better shading effect.
Roman shade:
Roman blinds are fabric curtains that are more suitable for installation in luxury homes. They use a wide range of fabrics, and fabrics of general texture can be used as Roman blinds. The decorative effect of this kind of curtain is very good, gorgeous and beautiful. Since the fabrics on the market are generally 1.4 meters wide, the width of the window for installing Roman blinds is preferably less than 1.4 meters, without seams in the middle, and only one length is needed when buying the fabric.

Wooden curtain:
At present, many people are pursuing a feeling of returning to the original. Wooden woven curtains have become a fashion. Wooden woven curtains are divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving and rattan weaving.
Wooden woven curtain furnishings can show style and taste in the home. It is basically opaque but has good air permeability. It is suitable for purely natural style homes. The wood woven curtain is very particular about the use of wood and is an imported pull It is made of Minmu, so the price is high, 200 to 300 yuan per square meter. There are many imitations in the wooden weaving market. The material of this imitated wooden weaving curtain is made of domestic poplar. The wooden stick in the middle is not very straight, and there are obvious blemishes and black hairs on it. The real wooden curtain sticks are hard and straight, and the surface is very smooth.
Bamboo curtain and reed curtain:
They are very decorative, but they are less effective as curtains. They are more suitable for display in simple and cultural homes. They are hung on a wall with various pendants. It should be noted that bamboo curtains are prone to mold and reed curtains are prone to insects, so these two types of curtains are mostly hung outdoors in foreign countries. But they are very cheap and can be replaced if they grow moldy after one year.

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