• The art of soft gauze curtain

    The art of soft gauze curtain

    The curtain is more and more in the modern Home Furnishing, its practical function, beautiful appearance, has been a part of life, in our plant products, with soft gauze for the better, loved by the users. The function of the curtain is mainly insulation, decoration, the use of light and protect the... Read More

    Apr 24,2019 Company News
  • What is the soft curtain?

    What is the soft curtain?

    Soft curtain started in South Korea, now very popular in China, many people are needed, it can adjust the light, and does not occupy much space. There are many kinds, according to their own love to choose, stereo feeling very good, feels very warm, this is can pull up, then you can see the distant l... Read More

    Aug 04,2019 Company News