Shutter window accessories classification


Window cloth planning, special-shaped window cloth is o […]

Window cloth planning, special-shaped window cloth is our special concern. Different window types must be deployed according to different spaces, fabrics and pictures. Therefore, it is not easy to make a better choice among window cloths. In fact, the styles, suspensions, colors and popular accessories of window cloths will change different decoration functions, so as long as you add your own thinking, there is basically no need to worry.

A window cloth type window cloth system used in commercial residences, the characteristic planning changes the layout of the house type, so the characteristic of the window is to understand each type; the observation window, large area, large glass, cloth, it is necessary to use a heavy The window cloth rope and other mechanical equipment; between Gaowan Bay can be multiple single-layer floor-to-ceiling window cloth, window cloth window, if the window is small or zigzag, it can be decorated as a whole, choose a double curtain, Each piece can be completely drawn to both sides of the window; in the general double-window decoration, they can be treated as a whole.

Do not adopt the window cloth plan of the window cloth accessory shape, according to personal preference, deploy different decoration materials, use different deployment ingredients, can have different styles of window cloth. The window cloth rail is used to suspend the entire window cloth cloth, and at the same time, it can also drive the fabric rope to close on the left and right sides. According to the functions of the accessories, window cloth guides can be divided into art guides, noise guides and other types. The other is window cloth art, like art, there are different accessories on various window cloths or window cloth rails.

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