The connection and difference between smart curtains and electric curtains


With the development of the times, intelligence is slow […]

With the development of the times, intelligence is slowly penetrating into all aspects of our lives. Now many young people will also consider introducing some intelligent products when decorating their homes to bring some convenient intelligent life experience to the nest. Yixinda observed that many friends confuse electric curtains with smart curtains when choosing smart curtains.
In fact, the difference between smart curtains and electric curtains is not obvious in the market, and some sales are also unclear, and consumers are not clear about the difference between the two and it is understandable. Yixinda is a teacher who has been engaged in curtains for many years. Tell you well. In terms of basic functions, smart curtains and electric curtains are the same or similar in many functions.
For customers, both curtains can be operated by remote control. Electric curtains mainly use infrared remote control, wireless remote control, etc. to realize the operation, including some remote control set at the window head. The smart curtain adds a Wifi module, because the installed modules are different, and the wireless module can be used to operate the curtain through the mobile phone, no matter where you are, you can use the mobile phone to operate.

Speaking of smart curtains, the reason why they are smart is that compared with electric curtains, it uses an electric opening and closing curtain system, and has a variety of sensing devices, such as the most common light sensing device. When the smart sensor is selected to open and close For curtains, Yixinda tells everyone that when the outdoor light reaches a certain brightness in the early morning, it will automatically open, and when the light is too dark in the evening, it will automatically close the curtains. It is no longer necessary to manually switch on and off, and it does not require frequent use of remote controls and mobile phones. Wait to set it up.
Both have the function of a timer switch. You only need to set the timer opening and closing time in advance, and the curtain will automatically open and close according to the set time. In this regard, Yixinda is still different when it comes to the two. The setting method of electric curtains is mainly through the remote control or control panel, while the smart curtain has an additional method that can be remotely operated through a mobile phone. For example, on a temporary business trip, you can use your mobile phone to remotely cancel the original settings, or set a different scene on your mobile phone and choose the most suitable one for the curtain to execute.
In the curtain operation mode, in addition to the remote control, control panel, and mobile phone operation mode, there are also new smart curtains that use voice control operations to achieve voice interaction.
Judging from the experience of Yuyao YiXinDa Window Coverings Factory, there is little difference between smart curtains and electric curtains in terms of basic functions. If our demand for curtains is only to automatically switch on and off at a specified time, use the remote control or control panel to operate the switch and open If the range is close, automatic curtains can also meet daily needs.

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