What are the advantages and disadvantages of exposed curtain rods and rail curtain boxes


(1) What are exposed curtain rods and track curtain box […]

(1) What are exposed curtain rods and track curtain boxes?
Exposed curtain rod: it is the exposed rod mentioned by everyone. The appearance of the rod is round, and there are track decoration heads on both sides. Its materials are wood, aluminum alloy, and iron art. The form can be divided into ordinary curtain rods and Roman rods mostly use Roman rods. The diameter of the curtain rod is about 3cm, and the length should not exceed 3.5m.
Track curtain box: It is a dark rod, which requires the use of tracks and pulleys. The material of the track can be divided into aluminum alloy and plastic. Generally, the thickness of the better track is more than 1mm, otherwise it will easily lead to the deformation of the track. .
(2) Installation and installation conditions of exposed curtain rods and track curtain boxes
Exposed curtain rod: Take the Roman rod as an example. Its installation method is that the support rail is fixed to the wall with self-tapping threads. It should be noted that the depth of the holes on both sides of the support rail should be dug to 4-4.5cm, and then use the self-tapping rod. Tapping and fixing; secondly, the distance between the supporting rail and the decorative head of the rails on both sides is about 5-10cm; finally, the length of the Roman rod should not exceed 3.5m, because the bracket is on both sides, if it exceeds 3.5m, the load-bearing capacity of the Roman rod may be There will be problems.
Track curtain box: This installation method first requires a prerequisite to be a suspended ceiling. Because the curtain track is not good-looking, it is necessary to leave a curtain box on the ceiling to cover the track. Compared with the Roman rod, this does not care about the length. It can be as long as you want, and the width of the curtain box needs to be about 20cm.

(3) Advantages and disadvantages of exposed curtain rods
Advantages of exposed curtain rods: easy installation, diverse styles, convenient disassembly, washing and maintenance, and long practical life.
Disadvantages of exposed curtain rods: it is not so smooth to pull up, the sound when pulling is also relatively loud, and the length is limited, can not exceed 3.5m, in addition, it has a shortcoming that I deeply understand is that exposed curtain rods are easy to stain. , Once the rod is stained with dust or something, it is not easy to clean, and it will be more difficult to pull;
(4) Advantages and disadvantages of track curtain box
Advantages of the track curtain box: The curtain is pulled smoothly and quietly when pulled. The track can also be used for curved windows. The length of the track is not limited, and the force and bearing capacity are better.
Disadvantages of track curtain box: It is more complicated to install, and it is not so convenient to disassemble, wash and repair, and it needs to be made of curtain box, otherwise the bare track will affect the appearance.


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