What are the advantages of electric curtains


Today's smart home is constantly developing, and electr […]

Today's smart home is constantly developing, and electric products are constantly appearing in people's lives. Electric curtains are activated by electricity and can be opened and closed directly by the remote control. In appearance, it has The effect of ordinary curtains has unique advantages and is very popular in current homes. Here are the seven characteristics of electric curtains.
1. Opening and closing power
The main motor can choose DC or AC according to the size of the curtain. If the window area is large, wire rope or guide rail can be used.
2. Wide range of use
It can be used in the living room, bedroom, etc., and it is beautiful and generous. In meeting rooms and villas with larger window areas, it will not appear low-end, and the opening and closing also saves manpower and material resources. Whether it is floor-to-ceiling windows or ordinary windows, electric curtains can be installed, which is widely used.
3. Longer service life
The use of more durable aluminum track rods, in order to ensure that it can be safe and firm, but also inserted into the sports track of metal wire, can reach more than 10 years of service life. In the daily opening and closing process, if there is an obstacle, it can automatically stop, which plays a better protective role.
4. Many choices of curtain material
There are many choices of fabric curtain materials. Whether it is pure cotton, linen, polyester or other common materials, it can be installed on electric curtains, and the overall effect is the same as manual curtains.
5. Flexible and low noise
When the curtain is automatically opened and closed, the operation of the curtain is smooth and smooth, and the noise in the space is less affected.
6. Optional operation mode
You can use remote control or buttons to control the opening and closing of curtains, or you can use manual operation to meet the switching of the two methods. If you want to control multiple curtains at the same time, there is also a group control function option, which is very smart and convenient.
7. Daily use is easier
In terms of shading, as long as you choose a fabric with shading function, it is not different from the usual curtains. Some curtains have multiple functions such as sound insulation and heat insulation. Electric fabric curtains will be more convenient and simple to use on these foundations.

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