What are the classification of roller blind


Electric roller blind The electric roller shutter mecha […]

Electric roller blind
The electric roller shutter mechanism is a light motorized roller shutter machine developed with a tubular motor. Its operation only needs to toggle the power switch. It is easy to operate and quiet and stable. It is an upgraded product of the roller shutter, so it is the same as the same type. Compared with imported products, its performance-price ratio is very superior. According to the size and weight of the curtain, motors of different specifications can be selected, and one motor can be used to drag multiple pairs of roller blinds.
The electric roller shutter is a light-weight electric roller shutter machine developed with a tubular motor. It is easy to operate, quiet and stable. It is an upgraded product of the roller shutter. Compared with similar products, its cost performance is very superior, the motor noise is low, and the power is large. , Easy commissioning, precise and reliable control, can be used with special auxiliary rails or guide steel ropes, the maximum width of the roller blind is 20 meters, according to the height of the roller blind, the roller blind tube with a diameter of 50mm, 70mm, 78mm can be used, according to the curtain The size and weight of the motor can be selected with different specifications, and one motor can simultaneously drive multiple pairs of roller blinds.
The electric roller blind is suitable for large and iconic buildings. It is an ultra-high large roller blind with a width of up to 2.5 meters and a height of up to 20 meters.
Infrared remote control and radio remote control can be used according to the use of the curtain. The control method can be controlled individually or in groups.
Bead roller blind
The control part of the bead roller shutter mechanism is a mechanism that can be modulated by using the mechanical principle of unidirectional control of the rotary motion of the passive shaft when the coil spring is twisted. As long as the mechanism is within the load range of the coiled tube, it can ensure that the curtain will not slide down due to its own weight. Manually operating the bead transmission part will raise or lower the curtain, and the movement will be smooth and stable.
Beaded roller blinds are suitable for general roller blinds, hand-operated, and the height is generally 3-5 meters.

Spring roller blind
The control part of the spring roller shutter mechanism is a ball type overrunning clutch, which was originally also a one-way control device. The designer cleverly canceled the spring in the traditional overrunning clutch, and slightly modified some parts. It became a hand-pulled spring roller shutter mechanism.
The elasticity of the spring roller blind can adjust the fabric to rise and fall within a certain range and can be stopped at any position. Pull down gently, let go, the fabric can spring back freely to the top of the curtain, the operation is light, the operation time is short, and the stop position is whatever you want.
The structure of the spring roller blind is small and compact, and the operation is flexible and convenient, and the area is preferably under 4 square meters.
Roller blind
The shade roller blind refers to a roller blind used to effectively block strong light from entering the room, and has its own light transmission, perspective view, and temperature adjustment. It can be used in various architectural decoration according to different needs, such as villas, office buildings, business buildings, hotels, high-end plant shade, etc.
Material: Most shade roller blinds are mainly made up of accessories and shade fabrics, among which shade fabrics are divided into glass fiber fabrics and polyester fabrics. The glass fiber fabric is mainly PVC coated glass fiber; the polyester fabric is PVC coated polyester fiber. The new easy-spin thermal insulation roller shutter adopts special UV protection material digital segmentation technology, using woven and warp knitting perfect weaving technology and finished curtain processing technology, so that the roller shutter can not only resist 99.8% of UV damage and achieve shade Without shading effect.
Fireproof Shutter
Fireproof roller blind refers to the roller blind that can meet the fire resistance stability and fire integrity requirements within a certain period of time. Fire shutter is a kind of movable fire partition. It is usually rolled up and placed in the shaft box at the upper opening of doors and windows. When it is in fire, it is put down and unfolded to prevent the fire from spreading from the openings of doors and windows. It is generally composed of curtain board, guide rail, door lintel, seat board, transmission device, door rolling machine, control box, etc. Fire shutters are widely used in various industrial and civil buildings. Once a fire occurs, they can be automatically closed to prevent the spread of fire smoke, fight for fire time, and reduce casualties and economic property losses.

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