What are the commonly used electric curtain systems


With the development of technology and the continuous i […]

With the development of technology and the continuous improvement of people's living and working conditions, electric curtains have become more and more accepted by people. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, electric curtains have been widely used. Motorized curtain products not only realize electric motorization, but also realize automation through infrared, radio remote control or timing control, and use electronic sensors such as sunlight, temperature and wind to realize intelligent operation of the product, which not only reduces labor intensity, but also extends the use of products Life; and it meets people's requirements for building shading and decoration, and fully reflects people's pursuit of comfort and convenience, and the concept of high-quality life. Electric curtains are divided into electric opening and closing curtain series and electric lifting curtain series according to different operating mechanisms and decorative effects. , Electric ceiling blinds, electric sun visors, electric awnings and other series, such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, style blinds, honeycomb blinds, etc.
In terms of form, it can be divided into: electric opening and closing blinds, electric roller blinds, electric blinds, outdoor awnings, outdoor blinds, outdoor sunshades, hollow blinds, full or semi-shading guide rail roller blinds, etc.
Here are two commonly used electric curtain systems for you: Electric opening and closing curtain systems mainly include motor systems, control systems, track systems and decorative curtains, etc.; the current motor system uses DC motor drive, AC motor drive, etc. the way.
DC motors generally use built-in or external power transformers, but the driving power is generally small, the curtains that can load are lighter, the noise is relatively small, and the control circuit is relatively complicated; mainly used in small windows; AC motor drive mode : Can directly use 220v power supply, simple control circuit, large driving power, electric curtains, and heavy curtains; it is widely used, not only for wide and bright floor-to-ceiling windows, but also for curved and irregular windows; People’s personalized requirements.
Features of electric opening and closing curtains: safe and reliable, internal temperature rise/overload/timeout system is protected at any time to ensure safe use; 220v AC motor, high power, strong load capacity, single track single machine up to 45kg; adopts sealed automatic lubrication technology, super Quiet design, low noise and low vibration; flexible control methods: external radio remote control, infrared remote control, manual control and intelligent control can be group controlled; make life as beautiful as poetry, show the elegance and personality of the owner, and use technology to create a wonderful life ! Electric lifting curtain system mainly includes motor system, control system, tube rolling system, rolling curtain fabric or louver blades, etc.;
The motors selected for the motor system are divided into DC tubular motors and AC tubular motors.
The DC tubular motor is powered by a transformer (12-24v), the driving power is small, the curtain that can load is small and light, and its control circuit is more complicated. It is mainly used in small windows such as study rooms, children's rooms, and activity rooms in family residences.
The AC tubular motor has simple control circuit, large drive power, and can load heavier curtains; it is widely used in hotels, hotel lobbies, high-level clubs, office buildings, offices, exhibition halls and other large-scale places such as floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Features of electric lifting curtain: small installation gap, excellent shading effect; stable operation of the system, fast speed, low noise; flexible control mode: external radio remote control, infrared remote control, manual control and intelligent control can be group controlled; diverse styles, simple and simple Fashion, freshness and other characteristics in one; with the advantages of shading, heat insulation, dustproof, ventilation, comfort, and coolness, it achieves the perfect combination of warmth and fashion!

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