What are the composition of curtains and their styles


The composition of curtains It is composed of three par […]

The composition of curtains
It is composed of three parts: curtain body, accessories and accessories.
a. The curtain body is composed of window curtain, window body and window screen. Window curtains are an indispensable component of decorative windows and windows, and are generally made of the same fabric as the window body. There are flat styles, discounts, water waves, and comprehensive styles.
b. The accessories are composed of window sakura, tent ring, ribbon, lace, curtain lining, etc.
c. Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, counterweights, etc.
The choice of curtain cloth:
(1) The size of curtain cloth Curtain cloth has fixed height cloth and fixed width cloth. The so-called fixed height cloth means that the height of a roll of cloth is fixed, there are two kinds of 2.8 meters and 2.1 meters. The specification of fixed width cloth is 1.45 meters. According to the size of the window, choose the specifications reasonably to save the cloth and match the cloth more effectively. Interpretation of colors.
(2) The material of curtain fabric The curtain fabric is generally natural cotton, artificial cotton, polyester, acrylic and so on. Cotton fabrics have the characteristics of heat resistance and moisture absorption. Polyester has light fastness, abrasion resistance, non-ironing property and comfortable hand feeling. Acrylic has good light fastness. Good feel, fluffy and warm.
The style of curtain fabric:  
1. According to the structure, there are three types: simple type, rail type and box type. 
2. Divided by daylighting, there are three types: transparent, semi-transparent and opaque.
3. Divided by form
Ordinary curtain: often used for windows with window boxes. Can be equipped with eyebrows without showing the track. A fixed discount should be used in production to facilitate installation and cleaning.
Lifting curtain: similar to the hanging method of blinds, folded and raised. It can go up and down according to the intensity of light.
Roman Xuan: Common windows without window boxes are highly decorative. Popular sling style, convenient and quiet, strong interpretation of European style. Choosing a track with pulleys is conducive to the use of curtains.
4. Divided by length
Floor-to-ceiling windows: mostly used in the living room, large windows with floor-to-ceiling glass.
Bay window: Hong Kong-style shape, suitable for wider window sills.
Half window: According to the window type, the hem of the curtain exceeds the window sill about 30 cm and does not reach the ground.
High curtain: suitable for window type with space above 3 meters. 
Curtain purchase small paste soil
For tall and narrow windows, choose a short curtain just over the window sill, and extend the window frame to both sides to expose the largest window width. For wide and short windows, choose long curtains and high curtains, so that the curtains are close to the window frame and cover the width of the window frame. If the window is too short, half curtains of the same color can be hung on or under the window to just cover the window frame and window sill, creating a visual illusion. The curtain pattern should not be too cumbersome, and the effect after discount should be considered. Horizontal patterns should be selected for tall rooms.

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