What are the five basic styles of living room curtains


The living room is a place to receive guests and family […]

The living room is a place to receive guests and family gatherings. When decorating a new house, everyone pays great attention to the curtains in the living room. When entering the door, everyone will also notice the curtains in the living room. When choosing curtains, you should not only pay attention to the level and decoration, but also consider the coordination with the owner's identity, which is decent, generous, bright and concise.

1. Flat pull type
Flat pull is a common curtain style, divided into one side flat pull and double side flat pull. This style is relatively simple, does not require too much, does not require extra decoration, so it can save a little bit in terms of price, but the production method and color can also make a very beautiful effect.
2. Lifting curtain
Common lifting curtains include louver curtains and Roman curtains. This kind of curtains can be raised and lowered according to the intensity of the light, and the height is arbitrary. The lighting and shading effects can be achieved at the same time, and it is convenient to remove and wash. This style is usually suitable for windows less than 1.5 meters in width.

3. Frieze curtain
The frieze curtain type is slightly more complicated than the previous two types. It can block the curtain track and can also use the window curtain to make a more beautiful effect. It is also a basic style. Now that the Roman rail is popular, you can also choose the style of curtains.
4. Lift curtain
The lift curtain is also very common, and can also be divided into one-side lift curtain and double-side lift curtain. It can tie a bow in the middle of the curtain for decoration, and the opened curtain forms a soft arc, which is very beautiful.
5. Fixed type with stretched window
This kind of curtain is not very common. The fixed curtain of the stretched window is put on two window rails respectively, and then the curtain rail is fixed on the window frame. It can be stretched flat or tied in the middle with a ribbon or a bow. It is suitable for On the glass door of an office or bathroom.


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