What are the functions and installation methods of hook curtains


Curtains play a very important role in life, whether it […]

Curtains play a very important role in life, whether it is a study, a bedroom, or a living room. It not only shields us from the sun, but also insulates the heat. It can well adjust the light and temperature in the room, and bring it to Our comfortable indoor environment.
The function of hook curtain
1. Everyone doesn't like their own life in the eyes of others, but the hook-type curtains can well meet different needs and play a role in protecting privacy.
2. It is also good to choose hook-type curtains for decorative effects. For those hard-covered families, having the right hook-type curtains can make our home more beautiful and personalized.
3. Hook-type curtains play a great role in blocking light and light utilization, and make room changes more warm. However, different hook-type curtains also have a certain relationship with the use of light.
4. The hook-type curtain has a good sound reduction effect. The hook-type curtain is easy to install, so installing the hook-type curtain can well improve the transmission of indoor noise.

How to install hook curtain
1. Small pleated curtains
Small pleated curtains are more suitable for installation in the room. The effect of small pleated curtains is a small wave type. It is mainly installed with the 4 pins of the four-tooth hook and inserted in the serial number. As long as the hole with the serial number is three, the other holes are not available. Insert and there should be no space between the four-tooth hooks.
2. Middle pleated curtains
The style of pleated curtains is relatively common, and it is used more in life. Its installation method is basically similar to that of small pleated curtains. It also penetrates the hole marked with three teeth on the four-tooth hook, but the difference is that there is a gap between the middle folds. For the holes, it is necessary to ensure that there is a suitable spatial distance between each hole.
3. Large pleated curtains
The style of large pleated curtains is more fashionable and beautiful. It is a popular way to wear in recent years. It is mainly used in the living room. The installation method is to wear according to the serial number 1, 3, 8, 9, that is, insert the four-tooth hook belt. The hole work with the serial number of 1389, with 4 holes in the middle.


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