What are the magical uses of bead curtains in daily life


Partition: Bead curtains can replace walls and glass, a […]

Partition: Bead curtains can replace walls and glass, and become a light and breathable soft partition in the room, effectively expanding the space. The space between the dining room and the living room or the entrance can use this kind of partition that seems to exist and not, which not only divides the area, does not affect the lighting, but also reflects the beauty.
As a partition, the color and style of the bead curtain should be coordinated with the room style. For example, the warm and romantic style is suitable for pink and purple, and the style can use crystal bead curtains; the refreshing and simple style is suitable for ring-shaped crystal bead curtains, blue and white is suitable; the stylish living room is suitable for red, green and other bright colors Bead curtains are matched; but of course, the European and American classical style still uses transparent crystal to show nobleness.

Background wall: bead curtains can be used in the wall design of TV background, sofa background and bedside background. The current popular design method is to install glass or mirror on the wall first, and then hang a bead curtain to ease the cold and hard feeling of the wall. In this way, the wall is more warm and smart, the vision is more open and bright, and the depth of the space is stronger. Use some spotlights at the top of the bead curtain. When the light source hits the bead curtain, it can reflect a lot of beautiful light.
Ceiling: Installing bead curtains on the ceiling is not complicated. If the ceiling is a wooden frame beam, just screw the track into the wooden frame directly with screws. If it is cement, you can ask professionals to drill holes directly with percussion drills. As the top surface decoration, the bead curtain mainly uses its multiple edge surfaces to reflect light. Therefore, when using the bead curtain as a ceiling, lighting must also be used to match, which can create a psychedelic and romantic feeling.
Door curtain: Door curtain is a traditional use method of bead curtain, and examples can also be found in modern times. For example, an open bathroom is not very private, but it still needs to be divided into areas. The use of bead curtains as door curtains here will not destroy the overall design sense, but also make a transparent division of the space.
Curtains: Curtains are also the traditional use of blind chain , which are now used to embellish fabric curtains. With a few strings of bead curtains at the fringe end, hanging ball end or strap end of classical curtains, the curtains can appear to be very noble and classy.

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