What are the materials of the dark and bright rails of the curtains


(1) Dark track material Profile: Taking aluminum alloy […]

(1) Dark track material
Profile: Taking aluminum alloy as the top, the so-called nano-track is a plastic profile extruded from plastic with nano-scale plastic fillers. By adding anti-UV additives and toughening agents, it avoids long-term use of aging and fracture problems. There are many varieties of aluminum alloy rails. The surface treatments include oxidation, spraying, and electrophoresis. The raw materials are primary aluminum alloys. Many cheap aluminum alloy rails are made of recycled materials. Electrophoresis is the best surface treatment. The surface is smooth and does not fade. .
Pulleys: there are polyethylene, nylon, polyoxymethylene-based plastic wheelless types and two types of walking wheels with metal rings: high-quality pulleys are made of plastic modified by adding ultra-fine fillers and additives, and the surface of the product Smooth and burr-free, with better resistance to friction and abrasion, it is light and silent when pulled by hand. The pull ring is made of stainless steel steel wire and is ground by static vibration. The surface gloss is excellent and the texture is very good.

(2) Material of open rail
Solid wood decorative rail: It is more common and has various colors. According to the type, it can be divided into transparent color and covering color. Basically, it depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, whether the paint is uniform, whether the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, etc., the solid wood decorative rail has bands There are two types of muffler bars and without muffler bars.
Aluminum alloy decorative rail: There are many in the market, and the quality can be distinguished by its wall thickness. A good tube wall is relatively thicker than 1.5MM-2MM. Secondly, look at the design of the pull ring, many aluminum alloy decorative rail pull rings There are pull grooves on the upper and lower parts of the track, which are actually fake decorative rail designs. The pull ring of the real decorative rod slides directly on the rod. The poor decorative rod uses the recycled plastic pull ring, and the manufacturing process is rough.
Steel pipe decorative pole: Commonly known, the surface treatment includes spraying, electroplating, and the diameter is 16MM, 19MM, 20MM, 25MM, etc. The quality depends on the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting foot, and the thickness of the pipe wall.

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