What are the most common accessories for curtains


1. Curtain rod Curtain rail is a kind of zebra blind ac […]

1. Curtain rod
Curtain rail is a kind of zebra blind accessory used to hang curtains so that the curtain can be opened and closed, and can increase the beautiful curtain fabric. There are many varieties, divided into two series, open rail and dark rail. The open rail has wooden poles, aluminum alloy poles, steel pipe poles, iron art poles, plastic steel poles, etc. The common form is artistic poles. Decorative curtain rods are the most popular curtain decoration materials used by young people. There are many varieties and can be used in conjunction with home styles. The rod materials include solid wood, aluminum alloy, iron, etc., according to the material, it can be matched with various styles of decoration. Solid wood pole: suitable for a more stable home style, aluminum pole: suitable for fashionable and simple home furnishings, iron pole: suitable for European and South American style homes, in the selection, mainly depends on the material and surface treatment, thickness is very important , The curtain rod is directly exposed on the surface of the home, so the surface treatment of the rod is particularly important.

2. Curtain hook
There are many curtain hooks. Among them, the style is unique, the workmanship is exquisite, the style is novel, and the colors are various. The curtain hooks are very suitable for use with curtain rods of various sizes. Among them, the hooks are mainly cloth hooks and resin hooks. The two styles and The materials are different. The cloth hooks are mainly made of metal, the curtain hooks are more practical, and the resin hooks are mainly made of resin, which is very beautiful.
3. Curtain button
Curtain buckle is a small button-like object used to fix curtains. It is used to fix the curtain when the curtain is opened. It is generally used in conjunction with a cloth ribbon. There are many styles of curtain buckle, including butterfly buckle and magnetic curtain buckle. At present, this is no longer just a simple tool, but a decorative object.

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