What are the points should be paid attention to when installing curtain rods


Although the installation of curtain rods is a trivial […]

Although the installation of curtain rods is a trivial matter, the perfect home decoration is formed by the accumulation of countless such trivial matters. To ensure the installation effect, do not forget the following items when installing curtain rods.
1. Use different connection methods depending on the situation
If the wall is made of wood, you only need to install the screws of the rail directly on the determined position of the wood.
If the wall is concrete, you need to use an electric drill to drill holes in a certain position, then knock in the special nylon expansion tube, and then plug the screws into the special nylon expansion tube and tighten it.
2. Precautions for curtain hook installation
If curtain hooks are used to fix the curtains, different installation methods of the hooks can be used to form different curtain pleats. However, it should be noted that the distance between curtain hooks should be as even as possible, first calculate it; if rusty hooks are found, replace them immediately, otherwise the curtain fabric will be contaminated. In actual use, the number of pins inserted into the slots can be adjusted, either 3 or 4; the number of strap slots between each two hooks can be adjusted, so that the effective width of the curtain can be adjusted.

3. Ensure standards and standards
The length of the curtain rod should be greater than the width of the window cover to avoid light leakage; the curtain rod should be installed horizontally, and if necessary, use a ruler to monitor the unevenness of the curtain rod installation.
4. Timing of curtain rod installation
It is best to choose to install the curtain rod after the new house has been opened up or before the final cleaning. If you install it too early, a thick dust will fall on the curtain rod, and if it is installed too late, it will be clean and white. At the same time, the Roman rod is best to be fitted with the curtains, and the curtain rails can be installed in advance. It is best to consider what kind of rails to install when decorating.
5. Ensure firm installation
Don’t install it, it will fall off soon, which is not good. Therefore, when installing, pay attention to choosing a bracket that matches the pole. If the bracket is too small, the bracket may be easily damaged. On the other hand, too small The contact surface of the wall will be small, and the number of installation nuts or the size of the nuts will be limited, which will easily make the installed curtain rods unstable.

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