What are the purchasing tips for living room curtains


The living room is the facade of the house, which can r […]

The living room is the facade of the house, which can reflect the owner's personality and characteristics, vision, personality, etc. So what color is good for the living room curtains? Many people will be entangled, let's take a look at the color of the living room curtains.

1. What color is good for the Zebra curtains in the living room?
White is the color of the living room curtains preferred by many people. It will give people a sense of refreshment and make the whole living room look elegant, generous and bright. At the same time, the white and generous will give people a hazy beauty under the eyes, and it is easier to match the decoration in the living room, which is deeply loved by many people.
Gray curtains are more suitable for those living rooms with a small area. They have an excellent shielding effect, so that people outside cannot see the inside of the living room. If you like simple and low-key people, you might as well choose gray curtains to let you Appears more plain and low-key.
The coffee color can filter the shining sunlight, making the sunlight appear more gentle when it hits the living room. At the same time, the coffee color curtains also have a strong decorative effect, and the wallpaper will make the space more beautiful.
Cream color
In the pastoral style, this color system is widely used. Because it is a warm color, it gives people a comfortable and comfortable life. In addition, the beige design is relatively simple, and the color coordination is relatively easy. There is also a good sense of mobilization for people's life emotions, which is an ideal color choice.

2.The living room curtain purchase skills
1), choose according to the material
When choosing, you must first consider the overall home effect. For the lobby, it is recommended to choose curtains, and then match the window screens, which feels full of fairy spirit, and the material is recommended to be thick. Thick curtains can isolate noise, relieve light, and can Effectively dissolve the noise that may be generated outside the window.
2) Choose according to chromatics
Generally speaking, dark colors will look more solemn and generous, so it is recommended to choose light-colored, translucent curtains in the hall to create a simple, generous and bright feeling. In addition, too deep colors will also It makes people feel depressed, reduces the indoor brightness, and does not meet the standard of vitality. Of course, the color is too bright and it is not good. Overly active curtain color will affect the entire environment. Over time, it will cause visual fatigue and make People are irritable.
3) Choose according to the five elements of numerology
In addition to analyzing according to feng shui, you can also use the five elements of numerology to layout. Generally speaking, if the homeowner loves numerology, it is recommended to choose red and purple. If the homeowner likes numerology, it is recommended to choose yellow and ocher. If it is numerology like gold, It is recommended to be white, numerology loves water, and blue and black curtains are recommended.

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