What kind of accessories do you need to make a curtain


Curtains are indispensable for every home decoration. T […]

Curtains are indispensable for every home decoration. The curtains not only adjust the light, but also shade the host from light and block personal belongings. So what kind of accessories do you need to make a curtain?
Curtain rod
It is divided into two types: bright pole and dark pole, and the material is mainly metal and wood. The metal rod is matched with silk or gauze decorative cloth, used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between rigidity and softness, while the carved wood head gives a warm and full feeling. Therefore, when choosing a curtain rod, it must match the curtain style.
Curtain track
Curtain track is a kind of curtain accessory used to hang curtains, so that the curtain can be opened and closed, and can increase the beautiful curtain fabric. There are many varieties, divided into two series: open rail and dark rail. The open rail includes wooden poles, aluminum alloy poles, steel pipe poles, iron art poles, plastic steel poles, etc. The common form is artistic poles. In recent years, a kind of snake-shaped curtain track has emerged, with a unique design, which is mainly popular in Europe, Taiwan, Japan and other regions.

Hook accessories
Curtain hooks come in a variety of specifications, with unique design styles, exquisite workmanship, novel styles, and a variety of colors. They are suitable for use with curtain rods of various sizes. Among them, cloth hooks and resin hooks are mainly used. The styles and materials of the two are different. The fork hook is mainly made of metal and has strong practicability. The resin hook is mainly made of resin, which has a good appearance and can meet the personal decoration style. Choose the kind of hook that weighs better and is not easy to rust, otherwise it will affect the quality and beauty of the curtain.
Curtain wall shelf
The function of the curtain wall shelf is to connect the wall with the curtain rail or Roman rod, and use it together with the curtain rod. It is used to undertake the gravity of curtain fabrics. In traditional European craftsmen's handicraft products, it has a simple, elegant, rough artistic style and brilliant history, which is breathtaking and has been passed down to this day.



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