What kind of curtain track is good at home


1. Let’s talk about dark rails, one of the most widely […]

1. Let’s talk about dark rails, one of the most widely used products in homes, which are divided into aluminum alloy series and plastic [so-called nano] series. Aluminum alloy rails depend on the wall thickness of the rails. Generally, the wall thickness of high-quality rails is 1 mm. Above, the track that is too thin has no strength and is easy to deform and affect the rolling of the pulley. The surface treatment includes spraying and electrophoresis. Electrophoretic treatment is recommended. The surface is smooth and durable. The color is second, because it is installed in the curtain box. If there is no impact, it mainly depends on personal preference.
The second is the pulley. The material of the pulley is ABS and POM. We recommend using POM pulley. POM is a super wear-resistant resin with a long service life. The pull ring of the pulley is the ring on which the curtain hook should be hung on the pulley. There are ordinary iron rings, 304 stainless steel rings, and POM resin rings. The iron rings are not recommended because they are rusty. The track and pulley are determined. The most important thing is the mounting bracket. A good mounting bracket is very strong and durable. Use 1 It is made of steel plates of millimeters and above, multi-layer spraying, installation and disassembly are very convenient, it is the basis for a firm track installation, the above is the basic selection method for dark rails, plastic rails are generally not recommended for home use due to short use time and easy aging.
2. Decorative curtain rod is the most popular curtain decoration material used by young people. There are many varieties and can be matched with home style. The materials of the stalk include solid wood, aluminum alloy, iron, etc., according to the material, it can be matched with various styles of decoration. Solid wood pole: suitable for a more stable home style, aluminum pole: suitable for fashionable and simple home furnishings, iron pole: suitable for European and South American style homes, in the selection, mainly depends on the material and surface treatment, thickness is very important , The curtain rod is directly exposed on the surface of the home, so the surface treatment of the rod is particularly important.
3. Decorative rods are now popular 19-22 thin rods. The materials are iron art and aluminum alloy rods. It mainly depends on the surface treatment. The service life and feel of iron art rods are not as good as aluminum alloy, but the decorative effect is relatively strong. It is generally delicate and has a long service life. Another thing to note is that the mounting bracket must be steel plate above 1.2. The decorative poles are all wall-mounted. The requirements for the mounting bracket are higher than ordinary dark rails. Pay special attention to it.

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