What kind of curtains are good for the kitchen


Many people think that windows in the kitchen are not s […]

Many people think that windows in the kitchen are not suitable for curtains, because they can easily become dirty. But with the development of modernity, kitchen curtains have become an indispensable decoration, which can be used to block light and keep the space private. So, what kind of curtains are good for the kitchen?
1. Decorative hanging with lace curtains
This kind of kitchen curtain decoration method is not only practical, but also has a good decorative effect. The gauze curtain always gives people a kind of hazy beauty. It is fixed with a green ribbon. It is not only convenient to install, but also easy to remove and wash. It is beautiful and beautiful. Practical, it is one of the good choices among modern family kitchens.
2. Venetian blinds
Venetian blinds have the characteristics of being durable and new, easy to clean, not aging, not fading, shading, heat insulation, breathable and fireproof. They are suitable for office buildings, bedrooms, villas, kitchens and bathrooms and other places. At the same time, they can be used with stickers to make their style more fresh and elegant. So blinds are a very good choice.

3. Roller blinds
It is named after the roll tube drives the whole curtain to scroll up and down. The fabric is generally made of polyester fabric or glass fiber fabric, which has good ductility, high temperature resistance and oil stain resistance. You can roll it up when you don't need it, and put it down when you need it, which greatly enhances the practicality!
4. Half waist decoration hanging
The kitchen curtain decoration is divided into three equal parts, the upper and lower parts of the curtain are transparent, and a small horizontal curtain is suspended in the middle. This way, it not only ensures that the kitchen space has sufficient light, but also blocks the sight of the outside world. It can be put down while cooking, achieving the effect of a beautiful kitchen.
5. European-style curtains
If the kitchen is in European style, you should use European style when choosing curtains. You can install a special place for curtains on the corner of the wall. At this time, you can put it up when you are cooking, then you can do it when you are not cooking. Put it down, this method is very beautiful. It is also a method that many people will choose.


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