What to pay attention to when choosing office curtains


Office curtains are an important part of office decorat […]

Office curtains are an important part of office decoration. They not only have the value of ventilation, shading and sound insulation, but also can embellish the office decoration, giving people a sense of elegance, tranquility and warmth.
There are two types of curtains in office decoration: light and heavy. In winter, warm-toned and heavy office curtains are generally chosen, which can not only keep out the cold, but also bring vitality and harmony to the space. Neutral colors are generally chosen in spring and autumn, and the choice is mainly centered on the furniture and floor in the office. In the hot summer weather, thin curtains are usually used to make the office quiet and give people a refreshing feeling. The lighting conditions are closely related to the health of employees. Light and soft colors help eliminate nervous visual fatigue. Therefore, a darkly lit north-facing office is suitable for neutral and colder tones, making the office atmosphere soft and elegant. For the brighter Chaoyang office, use warmer tones. This not only maintains the brightness of the room, but also makes the office more quiet, cool and pleasant.

There are not many types of office curtains, which are practical, durable and beautiful. What should we pay attention to when choosing several commonly used office curtains?
Neat atmosphere, practical and beautiful are the labels of roller blinds. But simplicity is not simple. See quality in details. The thickness of the upper and lower bars, the neatness of the sides of the fabric, and the smoothness of the head up and down are all criteria for measuring the quality of the roller blind. Check these standards when choosing roller blinds. The thickness of the upper pole must be above 1mm, and the weight of the bottom pole must be above 300g per meter. The side of the fabric is straight and has no burrs. Whether the head can be easily pulled and whether it is smooth. After checking the practicability, we must also pay attention to the choice of color and whether it can match the decoration style.
Precise dimming and strong modernity are the labels of Zebra curtains. Precisely control every minute of light, simple operation and affordable. In terms of quality, it is necessary to pay attention to the width, thickness, and density of the blades. In terms of operating convenience, there are ordinary drawstring, one-line through, and bead type. The width of the blade is determined according to actual needs, not as wide as possible. The thickness should be above 0.08mm. In the operating system, you need to choose a wire connection or a bead type.
The vertical curtain can also be adjusted accurately, and the vertical curtain is more upscale than the venetian blind. Material, blade width, control system, and track material are all points that need attention when choosing a vertical curtain. Most of the curtains are made of fabric, but also aluminum alloy and bamboo wood. The width of the blades is 5cm and 9cm. The control system is divided into single opening and double opening. The suitable thickness of the track material aluminum alloy needs to be above 1mm. The vertical curtain track can be curved and can be applied to curved windows. This is also not available for roller shutters and blinds.

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