Which material is good for shutters


Blinds are currently used in many types of curtains in […]

Blinds are currently used in many types of curtains in homes. Because they are privacy-protecting and easy to clean, they are widely used in bathrooms and kitchens. Then, which material is good for blinds and how to choose?
1.Solid wood blinds
The price of ordinary wooden blinds is about the same as that of aluminum alloy blinds. Most of these wooden blinds are more beautiful, with veneer on the surface, which looks more like solid wood blinds. If you only emphasize the beautiful decorative effect, this choice is very good. 

2.Aluminum alloy shutters
Aluminum blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy material to make blinds. The design of this material is simpler. Aluminum blinds can adjust light, improve visual comfort, improve indoor air circulation, improve thermal comfort, and enhance privacy. , The main function of energy saving. The curtains are made of high-quality materials, with good elasticity, high strength and not easy to deform. Pinhole venetian blinds are processed by special technology to ensure uniform openings and achieve the effect of transparent and opaque.
3.Bamboo blinds
Bamboo blinds generally refer to the use of high-quality bamboo or wood materials to create blinds blades. This kind of bamboo blinds is very particular in design. First, high-quality wooden materials are steam dried, sterilized, split, sorted, It is exquisitely processed by dozens of processes such as painting. The color of wooden blinds is roughly the same as that of traditional wooden materials, giving people a feeling of being in nature. Wooden blinds, simple and elegant design style, full of rich book fragrance, suitable for high-end restaurants, art galleries, families and other places.

4. Color aluminum shutters
Whether it is electric or manual color aluminum blinds, they have a wealth of color and pattern choices, and patterns can be printed on the blinds, bringing a more vibrant scene to the home. The blades of blinds usually have good resilience and toughness, can be adjusted to the most suitable light, and are not prone to deformation during use. The color aluminum blinds can also block ultraviolet rays, heat insulation and shading, and long-term sunlight will not cause the color aluminum blinds to fade. In the installation, the color aluminum shutters are simple and convenient, and do not require complicated craftsmanship.


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