Which shade is the best choice for the sun room


Sunshine room is unique to many high-end residences, an […]

Sunshine room is unique to many high-end residences, and is the best choice for a relaxing afternoon in spring. However, the strong sunlight in summer has also become a factor that many owners need to consider when choosing sun shades for sun rooms. So how to choose the sunshade curtain for the sun room?
1. The honeycomb curtain of the sun room shade
The honeycomb blind is a sunshade designed with a hollow fabric. It is named after it because it is similar to a honeycomb. The honeycomb curtains are divided into two types, bead pull type and skylight type. The vertical surface uses the pull bead type to control the lifting and lowering of the curtain. The skylight type uses the pull handle to control the opening and closing or the electric type. The honeycomb curtain can only be used indoors, and the decorative effect is much better. The ceiling curtain, the fabric has a silver-coated surface, can reflect ultraviolet rays, and has a shading effect. Due to the hollow design, the heat transfer is blocked, and the effect of heat insulation is achieved. The honeycomb curtain is divided into single peak and double peak, and double peak partition. The thermal effect is better.

2. The sunshade curtain of the sun room
Ceiling curtains are mainly divided into indoor and outdoor two types. The advantage of indoor ceiling curtains is that in addition to the function of shading and heat insulation, it also has a certain decorative effect. The advantage of outdoor ceiling curtains is that the heat insulation effect is better than indoor sunshade curtains, because before the ultraviolet rays hit the glass, it is blocked by the ceiling curtains, which greatly reduces the heat in the sun room. The disadvantage is that the service life and operation are both outdoors. Subject to certain restrictions. There are two types of ceiling curtains: manual and electric. For indoors, you can use manual for those with a small area. Outdoors, it is best to use remote control and electric operation.
Ceiling curtains and honeycomb curtains are both good choices for sun room sunshades. Of course, other sunshade series can also be used in sun rooms, but there are mainly two kinds of good for home use.


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