Roller Blind Bottom Rail Components End Cap

Roller Blind Bottom Rail Components End Cap

Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter
Terms of payment and delivery:Specific contract
Minimum order quantity:2 sets
Packing details:Built-in bags, Jackets carton
Delivery time:1-7 days
Payment method:Cash
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Product Details

Model: YXD-S004

Material: SBS

Name: Lower rod buckle

Colour: /

Lead time: 20 days

Style:Simple and classic

Feature:Easy Installation

Production capacity: 3,000,000 pieces (sets)/month

Remarks: The processing cycle of various products is slightly different, and the supporting products have specific requirements, please inquire for details.

Versatile: the standard Roller Blind Bottom Rail Components End Cap is suitable for various blind, you can use it for curtain roller, roman and vertical blind chains

Q. How’s your production capacity?
The monthly production and delivery capacity of the factory reaches 300,000 sets, which is better than the average level of its peers in the industry. High-quality, smooth and fast are the core advantages of our factory.




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